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Texts from exhibitions, publications and catalogs

1. "Snowcrash", by Shlomit Breuer

    (click here to view - Hebrew)

2. "How to Touch on Understanding Without Touching On the Work of Inga Fonar Cocos" by Dr. Galia Bar-Or, 2009

    (click here to view)

3. "A Space of Potential Mending" , by Dr. Vered Mimon, 1997.

    (click here to view)

4. "Where Are The Invisible Trains Headed?" by Hagi Kenaan, 2009.

    (click here to view)

5. "Blindness – Inga Fonar Cocos’ Ophthalmological Diagnosis" by Micha Brumlik, 2009. 

    (click here to view)


1. Cloud Archeology, Basis Art & Culture Gallery, catalog, 2016

    (click here to view- English follows Hebrew)

2. Viewer's Version, Museum of Art, Ein Harod catalog, 2009

    (click here to view)

3. Plus|Minus|Black|White, Limbus Gallery, Tel-Aviv, 1997

    (click here to view)

4. There Are No Black Beehives.

    Text by Dr. Sorin Heller,  Janco Dada Art Museum, 1994

    (click here to view)

Texts by the Artist

1. Sexing The Border - Buried Sites of Memory, 2014

    (click here to view)

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