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3 slide-projections*, industrial rubber cables, sound

Arad Art Museum 1997

Kfar Saba Municipal Art Gallery 1998

Yavne Art Workshop Gallery 1998


In the context of the individual and the State/Society, the installation focuses on the inverted human existence and describes a system in a state of emptiness and void.

Anomie is a term from the discipline of Sociology. It describes a condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals which leads to a breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community resulting in fragmentation of social identity and rejection of self-regulatory values. A society with too much rigidity and little individual discretion could also produce a kind of anomie.

This installation is composed of three simultaneous slide projections on three walls of the space and of heavy industrial rubber cables hanging from the ceiling creating loops and clusters. Some cables are placed in space on the floor. The slide projections are stills images taken from a video of dance group performing in the Judea Desert in Israel.

The Judea Desert can be defined as Place and as Nowhere at the same time. The figures are inverted. They are not hiking or doing any expected activity, they stand on their heads on the desert’s earth.   Detached from any specific context, the figures experience the human existence between earth and skies. They move and at the same time they are still, they stand and hang, they hang and hover.

The industrial rubber cables hanging in space create shadows on the projections and turn to be lifelines or empty loops just hanging useless.

The sound in the space is composed of blowing desert winds, sounds of sprinklers working and of rising and falling sound of a siren.


*video by Vertigo dance group

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