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Exhibited at the Ashdod Museum of Art,  Ashdod, Israel, 2006

Exhibition: "The making of a city” curated by Yona Fischer

​Technique: Installation – Cinematograph, photographs & text  

Dimensions: 4 panels 35*220cm each


It is the story of Galina, a Russian immigrant in Israel. Central bus station Ashdod five a.m. She takes a 312 number Bus. Going to work in Tel-Aviv.

“People don’t work in their profession here… I see life is more difficult now. When we immigrated it wasn’t hard like this. Now they give you a lot of trouble…”. Concealed everyday life of back and forth on the line Ashdod - Tel-Aviv. Every two weeks we meet during early morning in an apartment in Tel-Aviv. Me with my camera, and she telling, criticizing, recalling, comparing between here and there, moving from one room to another. She sits to smoke a cigarette. She asks me about myself, and I talk. I am with her, following her… to Ashdod she returns around “seven eight in the evening”. The sequences edited here were chosen from hundreds of stills photographs approaching moments in Galina’s everyday life. Fractions of ‘frozen’ seconds are brought together to create a little story. The observing eye moves between two parallel times, time of reading the words and time of ‘reading’ the images.

It moves at the same time from image to image, from image to text, movement in the text itself and again to the image. The eye remembers the previous moment and moves with it to the next moment creating the fragmented story.

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