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Blindsehen - Blind Vision


Installation  2006  |  collaboration with Klaus Illi

Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal Wiesbaden


The installation is constructed from works by Inga Fonar Cocos and by Klaus Illi, as a continuous dialog discussing the complicated situation of blindness of people who see. The Installation examines the limitations of our sight, and draws attention to the gap between what we chose to see, or chose not to see, and between reality. It is about a visual paradox - the blindness of people who see.

The works overwhelms the senses with materials, light and sound, and create a tension between attraction and distraction. The attraction of the eyes and of our attention, and at the same time distraction from what is present underneath the surface. The challenge is to make visible those things that become invisible to us – to make an absence present.

Further details about the collaboration between Inga & Klaus, click here.

Dodomu  |  Homebound


Installation of a sphere hanging from the ceiling

Technique: Rubber, light wires, matches, steel cables, electronic device

Dimensions: 100 cm diameter

Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal Wiesbaden


Rails constructed from hundreds of matches and from light wires are surrounding a big black sphere. 

The lights are flickering creating an endless movement. An electronic device dominates the rhythm of the lighting. 

The title of the work is in Polish, means "homebound". At the same time it has the sound of a baby talk. The work is about the basic human need of a home, for stability and security, for protection from the chaos outside. 

This inner longing for order which is not satisfied, turns into pain.  The rails go somewhere/nowhere, return to somewhere/nowhere, crossings, wanderings, "play" an illusion on our eyes and mind, and leave us with feelings of false joy and with emptiness - a ‘Perpetuum mobile’.

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