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235GB Memory


Drawing Biennial Jerusalem, “Traces V - Beyond Paper”, 

Installation, Jerusalem Print workshop.

The work 235GB Memory insinuates the latent potential of hazard hidden in digital technology and the affect/result it creates. It is a comment about the digital era, about today’s society, culture and technology; about our way of living and our values.

235GB Memory (Installation, drawings) shows a fraction, a quasi-realistic-imaginary phase of this transformation process – a field of frozen memory objects alluding to CD piles, which retrieve traces of data, engravings of imaginary memory maps inspired by the circles of digital data. These are imprinted in gypsum casts, some partially erased leaving letters difficult to decipher, which are installed on concrete blocks, elevated from the floor by piles of books.

The view created is of an abandoned zone of maybe oil tanks, or suggesting a fossils display, remnants of digital data found under layers of lost information. 

The rapid change in the way of transmitting knowledge and saving memory turns the ‘archeological’ layers into ‘lost info field’. Both works involve interplay between concept and materials, between analog and digital.

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