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Cloud Archeology


Basis Gallery  9.9.2016 - 27.11.2016
Basis Art&Culture, Herzliya

Curator: Shlomit Breuer

Cloud archeology is, in Frederic Jameson's terms, archeology of the future, or science fiction. In the framework of this semantic oxymoron, the archeologist of the future becomes a decipherer of enigmatic objects, or researcher of post-apocalyptic extinct culture.

In the time span between the digital and the mechanical, the visible and the invisible, between the anachronistic and the relevant, the real and the virtual, Inga Fonar Cocos constructs an archive comprised of relics of material modes of knowledge representation.The book, the disc, the vinyl record, the map are among the "archeological findings"presented in the exhibition. Their instrumental nature of these exhibits as conduits of information, knowledge and memory and, simultaneously, as fragments representing archaic technologies highlights the quandary about the not so far future, when information would be read in its digital format and its material source would become redundant.


235GB Memory Installation, 20 cement units, etching on plaster units

photos: Meidad Suchowolski

Plus|Minus|Black|white   Singed silk paper  21*29 cm
Plus|Minus|Black|white    Singed silk paper, waxes, pigment  21*29 cm
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