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Year: 2009

Length: 19:50 minutes

The film deals with change of name which characterizes immigrating people who change geographical and cultural environment. Five interviewees who due to particular circumstances lived a period of their lives under a different name from that bestowed to them when born, each appears in several different figures, conveys the essence of his existence. It evokes thoughts concerning the way we are ‘deciphered’ and tagged by society according to our name.


The interviewees were photographed with a stills camera and their stories recorded, but their voices are not heard in the film. Fragments from the interviewees’ words appear as subtitles. The sound track is based on these fragments, which are transformed into a sound-text piece chanted-whispered by a vocal artist, reflecting the layers of feelings of the characters, and expressing words which are not said. (Vocal artist Etty Ben-Zaken).

Screenings & exhibitions:


2015    MWW Contemporary Museum Wroclaw, Poland

2014    4th Biennale Ars Polonia, Oplole, Poland

2013    Triennial for Extended Media, Belgrade, Serbia (August)

2012    Israeli Television, channel 1 – Culture, Rendezvous with Creators

2011    Finalist at Docu Beer-Sheba, Israeli Documentary Film Competition in the Experimental Film category

2011    Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) – Conference on 

            Current Issues in European Cultural Studies, Sweden, June2011

2011    The Tenth International Conference on Jewish Names, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

2010    Mediations International Biennale Poznan, Poland, National Museum 

2009    Houston Art and Book fair, Houston, Texas

2009    The Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel-Aviv

2009    Artists' House Gallery Tel-Aviv

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