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Tel Aviv - Warsaw Non Stop


Video installation, 2009

Technique: 2 channel video, beach sand, wooden deck

Dimensions: 400x500 cm

Duration: 24 min. loop

Ul. Prozna Project, Warsaw, Poland


The 'Ulica Prózna' ('Próżna Street') artistic project has been organized in-situ since 2005.

The project is aimed at showing how the contemporary art treats the problems called up by Prózna Street, that is: Polish- Jewish individual and collective memory, 

shared history, the problem of anti-Semitism, lack of tolerance as well as the attitude to places and buildings, in which the exhibition takes place, as their progressive falling into ruin reflect not only German war crimes but also the post-war indifference.

The project is directed by curator, Krystyna Piotrowska, and is connected with the Singer's Warsaw Festival.

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