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Born in Warsaw, Poland. Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

2007 sojourn in Warsaw; 1999, 2002, 2012 sojourn in Paris; 1975–1977 sojourn in U.S.



2005–2007       M.A. studies, the Faculty Graduate Program in the Arts, Tel Aviv University

2003–2004       M.A. studies, Department of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University

1995–1998       M.A. studies, Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts, Tel Aviv University

1988                 B.A.  Magna cum Laude, Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University

1983                 Graduate Kalisher School of Art (Kalisher Art Academy), Tel Aviv


Solo Exhibitions

2019                 SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG , Bialik House Museum, Tel-Aviv  Curator: Dr. Smadar Sheffi

2016                 CLOUD ARCHEOLOGY  Basis Arts & Culture Gallery, Herzliya  Curator: Shlomit Breuer

2016                 SYSTEM FAILURE  Installation & Sound, Basis Arts & Culture Gallery, Herzliya  Curator: Shlomit Breuer

2014                 BETWEEN HOMELANDS & NAME (IMIE)  4th Ars Polonia Biennale, Opole, Poland

                         Curator: Małgorzata Sady

2012                 NAME IN TRANSITION The Other Gallery, Talpiot College of Education, Holon  Curator: Avner Bar-Hama

2010                 NAME  Mediations International Biennale, Poznan, Poland   ”Beyond Mediations”

                         Venue: National Museum Poznan (With the support of Israeli Embassy in Poland) 

2010                 24 HOURS IN AUGUST  Dear Noga Art Window, Street cinema video projection, Jaffa  

2009                 NAME “Two drops of Water”, Artists House, Tel-Aviv  Curator: Yifat laist

2009                 CONSTRUCTION IN PROCESS  Ashdod Art Museum, Israel  Curator: Yona Fischer

2006                 BLINDSEHEN  Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden, Germany

2003                 BLINDREFLEX  Museum of Art Ein Harod , Israel (with Klaus Illi) Curator: Dr. Galia Bar Or

2003                 UNSICHTBAR  Kunst im Heppächer, Esslingen, Germany (with Klaus Illi) Curator: Dr. Susanne Luedtke

2002                 BLIND MAN’S BLUFF  Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2002                 PUNCTUM CAECUM  Artists Residence Gallery, Herzliya (with Klaus Illi)

1999                 ENTROPY  Cité Internationale des Arts Gallery, Paris

1997                 PLUS|MINUS|BLACK|WHITE  Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv

1995                 THERE ARE NO BLACK BEEHIVES  Museum Uri & Rami Nehushtan, Ashdot Ya'akov

1994                 THERE ARE NO BLACK BEEHIVES  Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod  Curator: Sorin Heller

1993                 NIGHT WORKS  Artists House, Jerusalem

1992                 OBJECT-PAINING-OBJECT  Sarah Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv

Prizes and Grants

2019                Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Grant

2016                Ministry of Culture & Sport, Prize to Encourage Creativity

2008                Guest Artist, Oranim Art Institute, Oranim Academic College, Israel

2007                Israeli Foreign Ministry Affairs, Study project grant to Poland 

2007                The Israeli Center for Libraries Foundation, Visual Art Books grant

2006                Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts grant

2004                Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts grant, Israeli Lottery

1998                Israeli Ministry of Culture & Science grant - Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

1986                Dean's List recipient, Tel-Aviv University, Arts Faculty

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2022                “More than One”, The 8th Drawing Biennale of Jerusalem, Artists’ House Jerusalem,

                         Curator: Irit Hadar (November 2022)

2022                 Epos Festival, Poetry films, Tel-Aviv Cinemateque, Curator: Jasmine Kainy

2020                 Contextile Biennial for Contemporary Textile Art, Guimaraes, Portugal
                         With the support of the Israeli Embassy, Lisbon, Portugal

2020                 TLV Biennale of Arts & Design, Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv (March 2020)

2018                P=0.5, Social Gallery, Musrara Mix Festival Jerusalem, curator: Vera Korman

2018                Pillar of Cloud, Hermann Struck Museum Haifa, curator: Svetlana Reingold

2017                We Hereby Declare, Ministry of Culture Prize exhibition, MoBY: Museum for Contemporary Art Bat-Yam 
                       curator: Joshua Simon, catalog

2017                What Goes Around Comes Around, Neve Schechter Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Shira Friedman

2015                Vot ken you mach? MWW Contemporary Museum Wroclaw, Poland  curator: Rafal Jakubowitcz

2013-2014       Drawing Biennial Jerusalem, “Traces V - Beyond Paper”, 235GB MEMORY Installation Jerusalem Print workshop

2013                Triennial of Extended Media, Belgrade, Serbia, NAME

2013                Paris-Belgrade, Gallery K. in ZetsKa, Belgrade, Serbia, Curator: E. Carlebach

2011                Israeli Documentary Film Competition Ceremony, NAME  Doco-Beer-Sheba Finalist

2011                BETWEEN HOMELANDS,  Loop Barcelona Video Art Festival, Spain

2011                BETWEEN HOMELANDS,  Loop Festival, Madrid, Spain

2009                BLIND MAN’S BLUFF II, “Not Necessarily Feminine”, Pyramid Center for Contemporary Art Haifa  curator: Shirley Meshulam

2009                Art of Emergency,  Artneuland, Berlin, Germany

2008                BETWEEN HOMELANDS, The Prozna Street Project, Singer Festival, Warsaw, Poland. Curator: Krystyna Piotrowska 

2008                BETWEEN HOMELANDS,  "Souvenirs – Repressed Historical and Personal Memory in the Works of Polish and Israeli Artists",

                        Ben-Gurion University Art Gallery, curators: Haim Maor, Haim Finkelstein, Teresa Smiechowska, Catalog    

2008                “Time Tunnel”, Municipal Art Gallery, Givataim, curator: Daniel Cahana, catalog  

2008                "Images of Embroidery in Israeli Art”, Kfar Saba Municipal Art Gallery, curator: Galit Semel, catalog   

2007                The Third Drawing Biennale Jerusalem, Traces III, Artists House,   curator: Dalia Manor catalog

2007                Drawing Follows Media, Pyramid Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa                 

2007                Staying over at Kupferman's, Kupferman's Collection Gallery, Lohamei Hagetaot Curator: Yona Fischer

2006                Ashdod - Tel-Aviv, The Making of a City, Ashdod Museum of Art,    Curator: Yona Fischer

2006                "Trialogue: Israeli, Arab and German Artists", DO-DO-MU (homebound) Esslingen, Germany

2005                League, House in the Harbor, Tel Aviv   Curator: Galia Yahav

2004                "Homesick," DO-DO-MU Salon Bastav, 29 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv

2003                Finale Totale, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany

2002                Markers II International Artists Museum Project, EAM, Kassel, Germany 

2002                 Israeli Forum for Ecological Art, World Summit 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa, CD catalog

2002                TEMPORARY BRIDGE II  "Limbus – Decennial Anniversary", Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv

2001                “The Current Situation,” Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv

1999                ENTROPY III- DISRUPTED VISION  "Tight Rope," Arad Museum, Bat Yam Museum of Art

                        curators: Hili Govrin and Miri Targan, catalog

1999                Detail/Whole, Hamumche Gallery, Tel Aviv   Curator: Orly Hoffman

1998                TEMPORARY BRIDGE  Installation, House in Musrara  project 3, Art Center in Jerusalem

                        Curator: Rachel Sukman; catalog 

1997/1998       ANOMIE, Arad Museum, Kfar Saba Municipal Art Gallery, Yavne Art Workshop Gallery  curator: Rachel Sukman 

1996                ENTROPY- RED ROOM, “Station in Motion” project no.2 & No.3, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv.

                        Curator: Rachel Sukman 

1994                Sense & Essence, Yeffet 28 Art Gallery, Jaffa | Nachshon Gallery, Kibbutz Nachshon

1993                A Matchbox Enclosed, Art Workshop Yavne; Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod international project Curator: Monica Lavie

1990                Print Today, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv   Curator: Deganit Berest1983                

                        Graduate exhibition, Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa   curator: Miriam Tuvia-Bone, catalog


Commissions, Conferences & Projects


2014               BURIED SITES OF MEMEORY  Jewish Diaspora and the Other, Book Chapter by the artist

                       in “Sexing the Border”, Katarzyna Kosmala (ed.) Cambridge Scholars Pub.

2011               International Conference ACSIS - Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden

                       Norrkoping, Sweden: “Current Issues in European Cultural Studies”, BURIED SITES OF MEMEORY  (June)

2011               “Curating in the Digital Era”, CONSTRUCTION IN PROCESS Haifa University, Art History Department Seminar (May),

                        video screening & lecture

2011               The Tenth International Conference on Jewish Names, Bar-Ilan University, NAME Video screening & lecture (March)

2009               Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, ‘Schizma’- Lata ’90 The making of an exhibition,

                       commission – Photography behind the scene of the exhibition, With the support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute Poland

                       (Sept.-Oct.) Curator: Adam Mazur

2009               The Prozna Street Project, TEL-AVIV-WARSAW NON STOP  video installation, Singer Festival, Warsaw, Poland

                       Curator: Krystyna Piotrowska

2009               CONSTRUCTION IN PROCESS  Ashdod Art Museum, Israel,  The making of an exhibition, commission  Curator: Yona Fischer,
                      Tammy Manor-Friedman
2004               BLINDREFLEX  Israeli Forum for Ecological Art conference, Tzavta, Tel Aviv

1993               PERFORATED ARMOUR  outdoor sculpture, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel   





Public:            Museum of Art Ein Harod, Ashdod Museum of Art, Yona Fischer Collection Ashdod Museum of Art,

                       Janco Dada Museum, Phoenix collection, Coca-Cola collection.

Private:           Eli Arluk collection, Oded Shatil collection, Tova Osman Gallery collection, others in Israel, France, Monaco, Germany, U.S.A 




2020                Contextile Biennial for Contemporary Textile Art

2020                TLV Biennale of Arts & Design, Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv, Catalogue

2017                We Hereby Declare, MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam, catalog

2016                Cloud Archeology, Basis Arts & Culture Gallery, Herzliya,  catalog

2015                Vot ken you mach? MWW Contemporary Museum Wroclaw, Poland, catalog

2014                BURIED SITES OF MEMORY, Jewish Diaspora and the Other, Book Chapter in “Sexing the Border”, K. Kosmala (ed.)              

                        Cambridge Scholars Pub.

2013                5th National Biennial for Drawing Israel, online catalog:

2012                Creators Randezvous: “Transgressing Film”, Israeli Television, channel 1

2011                Israeli Documentary film Competition Ceremony, NAME nominated for 5best docu, ‘Doco Beer-Sheba’

2011                International Conference “Current Issues in European Cultural Studies” organized by the

                        Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden, Linköping University Electronic Press.


2010                Israeli radio, Reshet Bet, Culture, M. Krimolovski (Sept. 12, 12:54)   

2010                Mediations International Biennale catalog, Poznan, Poland, Pub. ‘Zamek’ Cultural Center

2009                VIEWER’S VERSION, Museum of Art, Ein Harod, catalog

2009                Obieg, Contemporary Art from Poland, editor: Adam Mazur, Internet edition, April 18, 2009 “Inga Fonar Cocos & Krystyna                        


2008                Israeli radio, Reshet Bet, International Hour – BETWEEN HOMELANDS, The Prόzna project Warsaw, Poland, September

2006                Israeli radio, Reshet Bet, International Hour – "Blind Vision in Wiesbaden, Germany"

                         Wiesbadener Kurier, "Blindsehen mit Inga Fonar Cocos", April 25

2005                Israeli television, channel 2, "Experts' Gallery," March

2004                Allgemeines Kuenstlerlexikon, published in Leipzig, Vol. 42, December

2003                Gabriele Hoffmann, 'Kathartische Kehrwoche" Stuttgarter Zeitung, January 2

                        Elke Eberle, "Endzeit im Glastrakt", Esslinger Zeitung, January 5-6

                        Georg Leisten, "Sie wären sowieso  gestorben," Stuttgarter Zeitung,  Nov. 7

                        Martin Mezger, "Blinde Flecken der Identität," Esslinger Zeitung, Nov. 5

1997                Jean-Yves Jouannais, “Art Press”, “Israel - Various Sites”, January

                        Mishkafayim, Israel Museum Jerusalem, December

1996                Israeli television, ENTROPY-RED ROOM, “A Ticket for Two with Eldad Ziv”

1995                Meir Ronen, Jerusalem Post, January

1994                "There are no Black Beehives", S.Heller, Janco Dada Museum

1993                A. Levine, Jerusalem Post, March

1993                Israeli television, channel 1, “Culture and Art”, March


Articles by the Artist


2014                 BURIED SITES OF MEMORY  Jewish Diaspora and the Other, Book Chapter  in “Sexing the Border”,

                         Katarzyna Kosmala (ed.) Cambridge Scholars Pub

2005                 Terminal, Contemporary Art Journal, ed. Rachel Sukman

2001                 Muse, Art Quarterly, Israel Museum Jerusalem, ed. Monika Lavie

1997–2000       Terminal, Contemporary Art Journal, ed. Rachel Sukman



Curatorial Projects

1998–2018       Curator at Alon Gallery, Alon School of Arts & Sciences, Ramat-Hasharon  |  participating artists over
                         the years: Irit Tamari, Vered Aharonovitch,  Jonathan Hirschfeld, Gary Goldstein, Dina Goldstein, Lali Friehling,
                         Raanan Harlap, Vera Korman, Dina Shenhav, Boaz Arad, Assi Meshulam, Maya Zack, Reut Ferster, Micha Ullman,
                         Boaz Tal, Hila Lulu Lin

1994                 "Sense & Essence", Yefet 28 Art Gallery, Jaffa (part of ArtFocus), Group exhibition

Teaching, Jury  & Volunteer experience


1987–present    Visual Arts Dept. Alon Arts & Sciences School Ramat-Hasharon 

2014                   Israeli ministry of Culture & Sport, Jury - Artist- in-a-Community Prize

1999-2005          Chairwoman & co-founder-The Israeli professional artists’ organization (Volunteer)

1997                   Department of Photography, Hadassah College, Jerusalem

1985–1988         Kalisher School of Art, Tel Aviv

Prizes & Projects
Group Exhibitions
Collections & Publications
Teaching & Volunteer Experience
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